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AuraBeam offers the best in replacement lighting! Bought a generic replacement lamp from that online dealer claiming it performs just like the original? Was the cost the driving factor behind your purchase? Has that lamp burned out days after the


We care about our customers’ happiness! Here at AuraBeam we pride ourselves in offering world class customer service and support. Reach out to us at We promise to resolve with your problem as quickly as possible! AuraBeam 2515 Main

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Check it out. We are now offering Philip automotive headlights!

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What our technology partners say…

The lamp was great quality and our client was happy when their projector's brightness was restored. The technical support and after purchase service was outstanding. AuraBeam was there for us.

John Santander CTO

What our customers say…

The best market price for great quality. We had accidentally bought a counterfeit lamp and immediately had problems. But the AuraBeam lamp I received is top-notch. My TV is new again!

Janet Goldberg Customer

The BEST in Lighting...

AuraBeam takes pride in our selection of products and we work hard to bring high quality lamps to the end consumer at extremely low prices. Our supply chain includes many of the top lamp manufacturers in the business. AuraBeam prices are the BEST in the industry!

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