What to consider when buying headlights

Replacing your headlights every 2-3 years is an integral part of your vehicle maintenance. If you know what you’re looking for replacing them can be a breeze where you get just the style and functionality you need.

When buying your replacement headlights there are four things to consider:

Duration: A longer lasting bulb means less replacement and save you money in the end.

Installation: Are you looking for a plug-and-play option or something that must be professional installed?

Brightness: You can increase your visibility down road and side road by 50% with the right bulb. Aurabeam products are the brightest the marker has to offer.

Colour:  A crisp white light with an intense beam gives you safer driver condition by providing with better visuals especially with reflective signage. It also offers a stylish look of a luxury vehicle.

AuraBeam offers the leading headlamps on the market that include the Philips brand — recognized as the industry leader.  Find us on Amazon!

What to look for in a headlight lamp
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